Support Podlove

There are many ways to keep the Podlove project up and running. But maybe you're one of these good-hearted people that go "Alright, I believe that my contribution will directly benefit the development of free, open-source software for podcasters! I don't need any explanation from you!". In that case: Just click on this button here and leave this page for a place where you can put this noble intent to action. If you're not quite convinced yet and want to learn something more about what we're going to do with your money or how you can support us in other ways – read on!

What You‘re Getting

As of today, thousands of podcasters worldwide rely on Podlove already. We see it as our responsibility to keep up the maintenance and development of all Podlove projects.

The Podlove team has been working on this project since 2012. From the start it was clear to all of us that Podlove should be Open Source. We‘re all fascinated by the medium because it‘s one of the last bastions of online content publishing without gatekeepers. We don‘t want to see walled garden platforms to take over the podcasting ecosystem. Instead we want to help you as a podcaster to take things into your own hands and publish your podcasts how and where you see fit. Anyone with a creative idea and the means to speak out should be enabled to do so.

What We'd Like

We believe in Open Source software, because like in podcasting it's a way to let different people share and contribute ideas to create a better product. Open Source Software not only can stand its ground against some big commercial players, it also has the huge potential to get better and easier to use along the way.

You can directly support this idea and the Podlove projects – here's how:

Become our patron

You can become a patron of our project and invest in the freedom of podcasting. A monthly contribution would do a great deal for us since it helps us cut away time from other paid projects to work exclusively on Podlove. If you’re already relying on any software by Podlove, your contribution ensures its maintenance and longevity.

Get involved

Are you interested in doing some Open Source work? We are looking for programmers and also UI, UX or other designers. Take a look at our projects on Github, or join one Discord server, where we also meet every second week for a roundtable discussion. Of course, you can also write us an email.

Give feedback

Are you a Podcaster and already using one of our tools? Do you want to give something back? Your input and feedback is valuable to us and we are also looking for beta testers. To join our community you can reach out to us on the social networks, via email, or join Discord server and its bi-weekly roundtable meeting.