The Podlove project is a classic open source project as it invites the community to contribute openly and the results are shared under a free license (in our case, BSD-style license).

But we are trying to move quickly and we want to support the core developers who are working on the heart of the system, do most of the planning and design decisions and invest as much time as possible.

The money will be invested to “buy time” of the developers so they can temporarily quit their other jobs to focus on Podlove. This will be either continuous development or might also be a coding sprint, depending on the needs of the project.

Donate by Bank transfer

A donation using direct bank transfer is the preferred method as it passes 100% of the donation to the project. If it is possible for you, please use bank transfer.

spende-podlove-sepa-bezahlcodePlease transfer money to this GERMAN bank account as a SEPA transaction.

Owner: Tim Pritlove
Bank: ING DiBa
German Bank Code: 50010517
Account: 5544303386

IBAN: DE87 5001 0517 5544 3033 86

Please include the text “Spende PODLOVE” in your bank transfer. Please understand that we can’t give you donation receipt for your contribution.

If you transfer money within Germany you might be able to use this BezahlCode Link that contains all the information above so you don’t have to type it.

Donate by PayPal

If you are or feel unable to provide a donation using bank transfer, you might as well use PayPal:

Montly Subscription One-time Donation
Monthly donation (Euro):

9 thoughts on “Donations

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  2. Ich wollte eine Spende aus Österreich machen. Dazu braucht meine netbanking-seite allerdings zwingend bic/swift, IBAN alleine reicht nicht. Bitte noch mit in die Zahlungsinformationen aufnehmen.

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  5. Tag Tim & Team :)

    Was genau muss ich bei den “Contributor” Optionen eingeben, damit er mir einen Paypal-Button auswirft? Ich habe bereits bei Paypal einen erstellt und sowohl die ID im “Email-Link” als auch eine selbst generierte Paypal-Button-ID eingegeben – bei beiden Möglichkeiten tut sich nichts.

    Wo liegt mein Fehler?

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