The Podlove Project wants to drive Podcast development by providing community-backed specifications that solve real problems of podcasters, podcast client and podcast users alike.

Once there is significant support for some common behaviour, we try to describe the necessary data formats, network protocols or practices in easy to understand and easy to implement documents and publish them here.

These specifications have been written so far:

  • Podlove Simple Chapters — XML-based extension for Atom and RSS feeds to express simple chapter structures
  • Podlove Deep Linking — Atom-based convention on how to convey web player information to a podcast client allowing deep linking into media content
  • Podlove Alternate Feeds — Best practice on how to relate to alternate feeds from within one podcast feed to give clients and users a choice of media formats and/or delivery methods
  • Paged Feeds — Using the RFC 5005 specification to span podcast feeds over multiple pages to keep subscription feeds small while retaining access to old episodes for the user to access.

We also back some software projects that are related to these specs. Have a look at out project page.

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