Podlove Projects

The Podlove project wants to drive development of podcasting software on all possible levels. This includes creating running code that helps podcasters, client developers and the audience alike.

These projects are actively being worked on:

  • Podlove Podcast Publisher
    A modern podcast publishing solution built as a plugin for WordPress.
  • Podlove Web Player
    HTML5 based widget for audio and video playback with chapter support. Built into the Podlove Publisher but usable with other publishing solutions too.
  • Podlove Subscribe Button
    Universal subscription button that makes it easy to pick and choose a podcast client to subscribe to a certain podcast feed right from the web page.

We are also working on code to validate of podcast feeds and to build up alternative podcast directories. This is still in it’s early stages and needs more love and polish before we will present it here. Get in touch with us if you want to know what we are working on.

We also work on standards for data formats and protocols. Have a look at our specifications page for more information.

12 thoughts on “Podlove Projects

  1. Worauf ich wirklich, wirklich sehr zu hoffe: ein Podcatcher von den Podlove -Machern. Feature-Complete und gut durchdacht. Instacast ist ein Anfang, aber es fehlen einfach zu viele Features. Dafür wäre mir jeder App-Preis egal :)

    • Besonders ein Windows-kompatibler Podcatcher wäre super. Da scheint es nichts zu geben, was up-to-date ist, einen brauchbaren Satz an Features hat und nicht gleichzeitig als Teil eines überdimensioniertes Programms (Miro – wer nur Podcasts will, braucht nicht noch Bittorrent, Media Player und wasweißich) daher kommt.

      Ich weiß, was anderes als Mac und iOS zu supporten ist uncool, aber die Zielgruppe existiert.

  2. I’m glad to hear that there is a good application to listen to podcasts with an iOS device. Congratulating to all owners of an iOS device! But I’ve a problem, I’m an owner of an Android smartphone and there isn’t any good application so please develop a podcast-client for Android!


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