The fast, flexible and responsive podcast player

Podlove Web Player enables you to deliver the best possible listening experience to your audience with excellent user experience and lots of additional features like chapter marks and transcription.

So flexible and easy to use. Give it a try!

Podlove Web Player reacts to its environment and is fully responsive. Every feature is easy to access and use. See for yourself and play around with it:

So many features to support the openess of podcasting

Give your audience a first class listening experience on the web by providing access all of your metadata like chapters, transcripts and much more

Made for Podcasters

Every podcast is unique. This should also be reflected in the listening experience of your audience. Customise the player according to your wishes so that it is optimally tailored to your target group.

Audio file formats and downloads

The Web Player supports a variety of audio formats in all major browsers as well as dedicated download functionality for other media formats related to your podcast.

Podcast Chapters

The Web Player uses the Podlove Simple Chapters format that allows your listeners to easily navigate within your podcast.

Sharing & Embedding

Sharing and embedding does not have to be tied to a platform. The Web Player allows content to be shared on any website via a simple embed code.


Transcripts make your podcast searchable and allows your listeners to explore your audio content in a whole new way. The web player offers a unique visualisation.

Live Streaming

Live audio content has special requirements when it comes to playback. The web player supports HLS live streams and offers tailored audio controls for an optimal user experience.

Easy to install on every plattform you use

Integrate the player into almost any page or use the WordPress plugin for an easy installation on your blog.


Add the script to your page

The easiest way to integrate the player is to simply integrate this script in your page. For https context:

<script src=""></script>


Initialize the player

To initialise the player, use the following code:

<script>podlovePlayer("#example", "/path/to/episode/definition/or/object", "/path/to/configuration/or/object");</script>

More Information about Podlove Web Player

If you are interested in using or integrating the Podlove Web Player, check here for more information:


Information about the integration into your site, the extension possibilities of the Podlove Web Player or the use in WordPress.


Problems with the installation, configuration or use of the Podlove Web Player? Get in touch with us and get help from our community!

Github Repository

Do you want to take a look into the machinery or help us with development? Then check out the repository.