Podcast Publishing for WordPress

Our Publisher really is a nifty tool for all podcasters built in the most popular blogging platform out there. We use WordPress as the basis and built upon it a software that follows your publication workflow from start to finish. This helps you save time, worry less, and provides a lot of modern day features for your listeners.

Install Publisher

A Solid Foundation

The Podlove Podcast Publisher follows the podcasters’ perspective and implements a variety of features and workflows that have been rather difficult to achieve with other publishing solutions. The plugin makes the process easier by letting you set a few conventions at the beginning and making publishing and maintaining podcast feeds a snap and highly reliable from there on.

Free & Open Source

The Podlove team has committed to the Open Source idea right from the start. We share our code on GitHub and are MIT licensed. So you can contribute to our projects and participate in the development of Podlove. And since our goal is to fund the development through contributions from the community – be it monetary or through work at the project – we're committed to keep Podlove free for all users.

Self Hosted

Our goal from the beginning on was to put you in the driver's seat of your podcast. Since podcasting is one of the last untamed regions of the internet we want to contribute our share to that idea. So you can use the Podlove plugin and all the other tools with your WordPress no matter where you're hosting. With Podlove you have complete control of your audio files, your metadata, your settings and statistics.

Build on WordPress

We use WordPress as the foundation we built upon. With its base in blogging and a "down to earth" approach for anyone who wants to start publishing their own content it was the perfect choice for Podlove. Furthermore, we build on the rich plugin ecosystem that allows us to integrate perfectly in your existing blog.


Ever wondered how many listeners you have or how popular a specific episode is? With our Analytics module you'll have this information all at the ready – and even more. You can filter and compare different time frames, find out what clients your listeners use to listen to your show or see, which audio format from the ones you provide is the most popular. And all that in accordance with the GDPR since we don't store any personal information of your listeners.


Let your listeners read along while they're listening to your podcast. As one of the first (and few) podcast players, the built in Podlove Web Player allows you to show transcripts of your show that work both ways: They always show the segment of your podcast playing right now and you can search and find text within your podcast – and by clicking on it, the player skips to the corresponding audio. In the Publisher backend you can assign transcripts and speakers to your show that can also be used by other clients if they support this feature.


Enrich your podcast with detailed shownotes. Podlove lets you import your shownotes from different sources, be it HTML or Slack and presents them in a clean way.

Main features

Our main goal with the Publisher is to hand you all the tools to host and publish your podcast in the best way possible with all the features the podcasting environment has created over the years: Shownotes, chapter marks, transcripts, contributors … and so much more.

Peace of Mind

During setup you tell the Podcast Publisher how your podcast is structured, where all the assets can be found, and how the naming conventions looks like. From there on it will automatically check for you that everything runs smoothly and all your files are where they belong.

Powerful Analytics

The Podcast Publisher collects its data without tracking your listeners — and still provides you with a lot of answers! For example: How many people listened to which episode? What about just the first week? How many people use the web player compared to direct download or feed subscription? Which podcast clients are popular?

Webpage with Player

When your listeners visit your website, the first thing they'll notice is our gorgeous web player. The customizable Podlove Webplayer comes bundled with the plugin and provides a fantastic experience to listen to your content. A big cover image, easy to use controls, tabs for transcripts, chapter marks, download options and so much more.

Custom Templating

Custom templating allows you to access every piece of podcast data and enables you to build podcast pages for your listeners exactly the way you want. How about a page with your archive of all episodes? Or an overview with all the guests and the episodes they were in? We provide free templates for you to use and adapt and our community offers a big collection of templates.

Easy to install

Download the Podlove Publisher WordPress plugin here and follow the instructions.


Download the Podlove Publisher Plugin to your desktop.

If downloaded as a zip archive, extract the Plugin folder to your desktop.


Upload the plugin

With your FTP program, upload the Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online.


Go to Plugins screen and find the newly uploaded Plugin in the list.

Click Activate Plugin to activate it.

More Information about Podlove Publisher

If you are interested in using or integrating the Podlove Podcast Publisher, check here for more information:


Information about the integration into your site, the extension possibilities of the Podlove Publisher or the use in WordPress.


Problems with the installation, configuration or use of the Podlove Publisher? Get in touch with us and get help from our community!

Github Repository

Do you want to take a look into the machinery or help us with development? Then check out the repository.