Podlove Network

The Podlove project hosts directly related projects but also tries to be an open network of people and organizations that want to bring podcasting forward and that are willing to either implement Podlove standards or are useful for Podcasts in other ways.

This is a growing list of related projects that help the podcasting community

  • Auphonic – automatic audio post-production service for podcasts and other audio-producing entities.
  • Xenim Streaming Network – open network for live audio streaming of podcasts
  • Bitlove – Automatic BitTorrent publishing for Podcasts
  • knive – Audio/video streaming solution with its current main focus on Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming with Icecast MP3 streaming fallback support

7 thoughts on “Podlove Network

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  2. BeyondPod (Android) hat kein großes Interesse gezeigt. Sinngemäß war die Aussage: “Steht auf längere Zeit nicht auf unserem Fahrplan”. Ich denke denen fehlt es vor allem noch an international bekannten Podcast, die Podlove nutzen…

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