ppw15a-discussionOur project is not only about providing software and new standards, it is also about growing a community and this means we want to come up with interesting events on our own or want to encourage people to come together in their own meetings in a self-organized, decentralized fashion.

Having our roots in Germany, we started our community in the German speaking world. While we are providing all the software and standards in English, we are currently organizing events for a German speaking audience only. This might change in the future.

Podlove Podcaster Workshop (PPW)

Our most important event is the semi-annual Podlove Podcaster Workshop. It attracts around 100 people, takes place in spring and autumn each year in Berlin.

ppw15a-blackboardThe workshop started out as an all-developer meeting in spring 2012 meant to kick off the Podlove development initiative. After a second meeting in autumn it was decided to turn the event into a more open event primarily addressing podcasters and hence it was renamed to Podlove Podcaster Workshop.

Adressing around 40 people in the beginning, the event has grown to 110 registered participants at its recent fifth iteration in spring 2015.

You find the announcement for the 6th Podlove Podcaster Workshop in November 2015 (Hashtag #ppw15b) at our german podcaster forum Sendegate.

Podcaster Meetups

Not under any authority of the Podlove project, but usually organized by people somehow related, a variety of regular meetups have been established since 2014.

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