Podlove is an open initiative and we are happy about your requests and questions. He are the points of contact and information resources we’d like you to use to make things easy for us and you.

General support with Podlove software and specs

Many requests are just general questions or you are looking for some support to get our technologies and software to run the way you want.

For these kind of requests, your first stop should be the Podlove Community which is an open web forum. Get an account and select the proper category. All the team Podlove members and a larger community around the project is following the discussions and is willing to help. Primary language is english but we process requests and German too (keep in mind english requests will better serve the international community and will widen the number of people that can help).

As a Germany-based project we also have our eyes at the exceptionally busy and supportive Sendegate community site which also includes a dedicated Podlove category where you can discuss all things Podlove in German.

Podcast client developers who want to support the Podlove Subscribe Button

If you are a developing a podcast client (as an App or in the Cloud) and you want to be integrated into our Podlove Subscribe Button please read the extensive developer information about how to prepare your software and how to submit your inclusion request to us via GitHub.

Professional support for Podlove Publisher

If you use Podlove Publisher and have special needs or problems running the software  and need reliable, through and quick support to maintain your site, consider our professional support offerings for this.

Private and collaboration requests

If you have any other private request or want to get into some kind of collaboration with us either contact us via Twitter DMs or send us an e-mail at