Podlove is an initiative to improve the overall technical infrastructure for podcasting. Podlove is both an network for developers to discuss features and agree on standards as well as an incubator for software and file formats under the Podlove name.

This website is provided to give an overview of the activities that are done by various developers and groups throughout the Internet but that are somehow linked to Podlove for coordination. The blog will provide updates as things move on.

If you speak or at least understand German, you might want to listen to the Metaebene Podcast “Der Lautsprecher” that focuses on podcasting standards and workflows, tools and other stuff related to personal broadcasting.


Podlove is an initiative born in Germany but we are open to collaborate with anybody and to promote standards worldwide. If you have any further questions and/or want to contribute to Podlove, send e-mail to Tim Pritlove <tim@podlove.org>.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Schönes Logo. Der iPod “Classic” ist mein treue Begleiter und versorgt mich regelmäßig auch mit Akustikfutter aus der metaebene. Das Herz ist an der rechten Stelle. – Wünsche guten Erfolg mit dem Projekt!

  2. Der ”Podlove Entertainment” ist nicht mehr aktuell. Scheint sich jetzt unter /podcast zu finden…

    The link to ”Podlove Entertainment” is not working anymore. Seems it now lives at /podcast …

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