Podcast Publishing made easy

Podlove is a group of Wordpress plugins and allows you to self-host your podcast. With Podlove you become an active part of an open, independent internet. You are in full control of your content and do not depend on a third-party hosting-company.

Podlove Publisher

Once set up the Podlove Publisher lets you release new episodes with elegance and ease. Our clean and slim UI integrates seamlessly into your well known Wordpress environment and makes publishing a podcast as easy as publishing a blogpost.

Podlove Web Player

Podlove Web Player is a HTML5 based web player for audio and video media files that is optimized and extended for the specific needs of podcasters. This player is the integrated player for the Podlove Podcast Publisher but can be used independent from it.

Podcast Subscribe Button

Integrate your RSS-Feed on any website with this simple widget. With one click on the “subscribe”-button it is super easy to pass exactly the right URL to the podcast app of your listeners choice.

Great Plugin

Great Open Source Plugin for having a free, but complex podcasting suite.


easy to use, free, no cloud dependencies

This plugin is really easy to use and works as expected. The podcast pages as well as the podcast feed look very good and contain all information. There’s a good player included and it combines well with the “Podlove Subscribe Button”.


Nice Project

I’ve been using the player for many years. The project is open source and is maintained very lovingly by only a few people. I am thoroughly satisfied.

Sven de Vries

Amazing and quick to integrate

I’ve blocked an hour this evening to peek into podlove publisher and get an idea of what efforts I will require to publish my (first) podcast. It blew me away, that it took me less than an hour to get all the stuff up and running.


Podcasts using Podlove software

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and many more...