Integrating the Podlove Subscribe Button

A while ago we have released the Podlove Subscribe Button. Hundreds of podcasts and some podcast directories have integrated the button in their web site and reception has been generally good.

We have done some improvements under the hood but as the button in centrally hosted, each button out there automatically gets upgraded to the latest list of apps and cloud services.

If you find something that does not work, please report it to us so we can fix it.

New PSB plugin for WordPress

Integrating the button in your web site is easy, but it can never get easy enough. In Podlove Publisher, we have included a WordPress widget called “Podlove Publisher Subscribe Button” that you can use to put a PSB in your sidebar announcing your podcast. Using a WordPress shortcode you can put a button in pages and articles too.

But what if you are using WordPress but not the Podlove Publisher? Or what if you want to provide a list of buttons for other or related podcasts? Well, we have you covered too as we have just released a separate WordPress plugin where you can set up your own buttons as easy.

If you install the plugin, you can set up your buttons in settings and then use a separate WordPress widget (or shortcode) to place your buttons whereever you want. So no need for HTML wizardry or Podlove Publisher to simply include the button.

Advanced activation schemes

People have also asked how they can activate the button using a simple link. It is possible too. Just refer to our technical document too see how to create proper links and also how to customise the colors of the button if you wish to do so.

Future versions of the button will make customization much easier and all those options will of course be rolled into the plugin too.

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