Podlove Publisher 2: phasing out PHP 5.3

As of today, PHP 5.3 has reached “end of life” status with the release of version 5.3.29 which means that the PHP community will no longer bring out any updates and wants everybody to move to either version 5.4 or – even better – 5.5. This also means no more bugs and/or security issues will get fixed.

Therefore we have decided to move on with Podlove Publisher and require PHP 5.4 starting with the next major release (2.0) which might be ready in a few weeks from now. This also allows us to use some nice new language features in 5.4 for upcoming features of the Publisher.

We know that there are quite a few web hosters out there who neither care much about security nor regular feature upgrades. Locked in a “legacy world”, these companies do not provide timely updates and are unable to provide you with a modern foundation for your web applications. Just to be clear: PHP 5.3 is now FIVE YEARS OLD. On the Internet, this means ancient. If your hosting company can’t help you, leave them asap as they are not worthy of the name “host”.

Even the initial release of PHP 5.4 is now two and a half years ago and that version will be phased out in a year from now (as it stands today, March 2015). Expect us to require PHP 5.5 then and we will probably continue to dump outdated versions quickly in the future.

Podlove Publisher 2 will also be a change in how we orchestrate and choose version numbers. Don’t expect version 2 to be a huge change: it’s going to be as incremental as recent releases in the 1.x chain have been. But we are going to drop the “alpha” in the version string once and for all as for sure have left the alpha stage and are even beyond beta right now.

Major release number will then increase more often than before, denoting significant feature upgrades while “x.y” releases will be more about a reorganisation of these features and “x.y.z” releases mostly about bug fixes.

Finally, we’d like to encourage you to upgrade often. We know we didn’t manage to make the upgrade process flawless in all cases but we have always responded as fast as we can when things were messed up. We think everyone who has asked for help using GitHub issues can tell that we care a lot about system stability and compatibility and try to be as responsive as possible. Please use this path for any bug reports and feature requests. It really helps.

14 thoughts on “Podlove Publisher 2: phasing out PHP 5.3

  1. I have my Podlove installations (Einschlafen Podcast, Klogschieters, Pubkameraden, Agiles Produktmanagement, Jung & Naiv) all at Hosteurope, who have 5.3… eager to hear what their support is up to.


  2. My hoster of trust is currently running PHP 5.4.4 and has not yet planned to migrate to PHP 5.5. So I might need to try to convince him to update, so I am looking for arguments.

    Is there anything that you can already forsee that might have problems running on 5.4.4 or definitely needs 5.5?



    • PHP 5.4.x is what we ask for, so you will be fine with our next release. However, you should probably call (or change) your hoster anyway because PHP 5.4.4 is TWO YEARS OLD. The current release for 5.4.x is 5.4.29 (released 29 May 2014)!

  3. Sorry if this is NT, but is there a way to use Podlove for bilingual podcasts? I.e. I want to create a podcast which is english AND german, wich means two recordings per episode. Is there a way to generate “german” podcast episodes in podlove, and “english” podcast episodes separately?

    Anyway, flattr-subscription is underway! Great work – thanks a lot.

  4. Is there anything on the horizon in regards of the Show-feature, that Holgi asked so often about?
    I want to start a few new formats and would be in need for such a thing. I don’t want to switch to Podpress or similar… :/

    At least making categories working for Episodes also (and not just for articles, as it is right now) would solve most of the problems…..

    Give me hope please :D

    • It’s a heavily debated topic currently. We know we need to find some kind of solution here but while tags and categories already provide the option to provide separate feeds, both seem not to be the right answer to the question. So in fact, an explicit “show” feature might the solution although we can’t give you an timeframe for this.

  5. Unfortunately the last Podlove Update smashed my whole WordPress: “Podlove Podcasting Plugin requires PHP 5.4 or higher.
    You are running PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze19”
    I would not care and just remove the update, but unfortunately I cant undo this update. I cant do anything.
    You may be right saying my host is using ancient things, but killing my blog is not that much better. :/

    • This same exact thing happened to me this morning, my URL won’t load and I can’t even log in to delete this obviously flawed plugin. My site is running PHP 5.5xx as confirmed by my host, so there’s obviously something glitchy with this plugin.
      And to lock down an entire website, including to prevent admin log in access, is WRONG WRONG WRONG.
      I won’t be reinstalling this, no matter how cool you think it is.

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