Podlove @ re:publica 2014

At re:publica 2014, project founder Tim Pritlove gave a talk on Podlove, the project’s recent achievements and future directions. It’s a good summary of how we think about Podcasting and what we think the podcasting infrastructure should evolve into: The Podlove Matrix.

2 thoughts on “Podlove @ re:publica 2014

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  2. Great talk! Really looking forward for the updated web player look. Looks awesome.

    The metadata in Podcast Publisher is stored decentralized in the wordpress database right now but as i understood it should be centralized in the future? Like a podwiki? So you can click a “contributor” and get everything he/she has done on every podcast ever existed. And so that podcast without a good publisher (like podlove) also can collect metadata.

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