On Being German

flag-of-germanyIn a few months, we are hosting the next Podlove Podcaster Workshop in Berlin in May (3rd/4th). It will the third of its kind and the fifth Podlove Workshop in total so far. Target group for this workshop is podcasters and developers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So the event will be in German only.

Well, you might ask: “your website is in english, the plugin is in english and you present yourself in an international appeal – why is there no international event in english?”. Good question. Let me explain the reasoning behind this and how we want to proceed in the future.

We know we have embarked on a long trip here. Producing capable and stable software on the one hand and to create highly useful standards on the other side is no easy task. In order to achieve these goals, you need to build a strong community that is willing to test and use your stuff from the get-go and will provide quality feedback as you go along.

Being centred in Germany, this project decided to focus on the German speaking community first because this gives us the chance to deal with our initial growing pains in our native language and in a well-understood culture. It really helps. With our “local” workshops we also create new bonds among those who use the software and work with us on many technical levels. So far, this has worked really well for us.

But that doesn’t mean we are not open for anybody else. Our website, software, documentation and personal communication is all in Interlang (aka English). And we are really thinking about launching some kind of European conference in the near future. But before this will happen we want to have our strategy in place and our software in use by much more people outside the realm of the German language. Once we see enough interest, we might come up with something special.

However, this should not stop you from downloading and using our software, read into our specifications and open code and get in touch with us when you have questions, suggestions, criticism or if you want to offer your help. And in no way should you consider Podlove to be for Germans only, because it’s not.

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