Paged Feeds for Podcasts

Accessing old content using podcast clients has been a problem for a while as podcasters are running into several real world problems when their feeds get too big. We have published an article that describes this problem and also comes up with an interesting solution: Paged Feeds.

And as we try to put the money where our mouth is, we have built-in support for Paged Feeds in the Podlove Publisher. When you set podcast feeds to include only a limited number of items, we automatically create multiple feed pages so that any client supporting paged feeds can still access older episodes going back to the very first episode (you know, the one, that never wanted to hear about again!).

We can also point you to the first podcast client that actually supports this method: Instacast for Mac crawls through every feed page presented to it. It’s a rather simple addition that makes a huge difference.

Put your podcast client of ¬†your choice to a test by “feeding” it with paged-feed-enabled podcast feeds and see if you see all or just a few episodes. And if you don’t, please point the developers to our recommendation make this happen.

6 thoughts on “Paged Feeds for Podcasts

  1. Yes, it takes time to check old podcaste, goot thing.
    While you are extending feeds, could you also include
    a way to give feedback about the episode direct to the creator?
    May be like the Stars in iTunes.
    May be the creator could add polls about anything.
    On a webpage feedback is easy, but in an podcast App?
    Thats why i would like to extend the show notes with ratings and polls. May be we schould ask some importand App writers about it.

    • Strange, in the given example FeedBurner has stripped the information. I have replaced it with another feed where this works. Have to check what went wrong there.

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