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Gerrit has just posted version 1.2 of the Podlove Web Player, our Mediaelement.js-based web player that is optimized for podcast episode playback. Right now, the player is still only available as a plugin for WordPress, but will be made independent from WordPress in the near future. You can download and install the plugin via the WordPress plugin directory.

The new release features some nice and important novelties. The player has improved compatibility with browsers and makes playback of individual chapters easier for users. It also comes with an optional extended player interface that features podcast title, sub-title and summaries and presents a cover image to the user. This will hopefully develop into an embeddable player in the future.

The player also has support to be automatically enabled for existing “enclosure” custom fields that is used by WordPress (and other podcast plugins). It also presents Opus audio files to browsers that support it. So if you want to beef up your old podcast with a brand new player this might be the easiest path so far.

The beta version of the Podlove Podcast Publisher is coming soon. When it is released, you will see full support for the new features of the Podlove Web Player, making podcasting with WordPress even easier.

Here is an example of the new look:

[podloveaudio title=”NEWZ035 This Is What Adults Do” subtitle=”Tim and  Mark report about Columbia, Hurricane Sandy, Vote Stealing in the US, Antarctica, Chile and Mark’s upcoming travel.” summary=”This week’s Newz has the added bonus of Tim reporting from Bogota, with an update about things he has seen and things going on in Colombia. Then its time for Hurricane Sandy aftermath stories courtesy of Mark’s family and friends in NJ. Vote stealing is explored and UN observers will be back in the US next week.  No agreement reached on protecting a chunk of the Antarctic, while a NYTimes piece tells the story of China’s largest professional exodus in a decade. The Arab Artists trip begins now, updates coming on the next edition of Newz of the World.” poster=”http://meta.metaebene.me/media/newz/newz-icon-600×600.jpg”  mp3=”http://meta.metaebene.me/media/newz/newz035-this-is-what-adults-do.mp3″ mp4=”http://meta.metaebene.me/media/newz/newz035-this-is-what-adults-do.m4a” ogg=”http://meta.metaebene.me/media/newz/newz035-this-is-what-adults-do.oga” opus=”http://meta.metaebene.me/media/newz/newz035-this-is-what-adults-do.opus” chapters=”http://meta.metaebene.me/media/newz/newz035-this-is-what-adults-do.chapters.txt” permalink=”http://metaebene.me/newzoftheworld/newz035″ autop=”false”]

9 thoughts on “Podlove Web Player 1.2

  1. Eating up CPU Bug.
    When trying out the player, it worked fine for as long as I just let it play.
    However, whenever I clicked on the play button, the audio would stutter, and firefox would slowly raise in CPU usage from 40% to 100%

    I use ubuntu with firefox.
    `uname -a`: Linux quimoniz-01 3.2.0-32-generic-pae #51-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 26 21:54:23 UTC 2012 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux
    `firefox –version`: Mozilla Firefox 16.0.2
    Shockwave Flash version: 11.2 r202
    Screen shot: http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/4033/webplayerbuge.png

  2. Wenn ich mir die Zeitangaben (die ja durch ein zusätzliches Feld für Kapitelmarken definiert werden) unterhalb des Webplayers ansehe, so werde ich nicht ganz schlau daraus. 17:11 kann ja nicht vor 07:31 kommen, oder? Kann es sein, dass es hier noch einen Bug gibt?

    Selbiges Problem habe ich in der Tat bei mir auch festgestellt. Die Zeitangaben werden irgendwie falsch “übersetzt”. Beispiel:

    00:00:57.099 First chapter title wird mit Zeitmarke 00:06 im Player angezeigt
    00:01:03.104 Second chapter title wird mit Zeitmarke 01:31 im Player angezeigt.

    Zweites Phänomen ist, dass die Tabelle mit den Kapiteln und Zeitmarken nicht auf die vogegeben Breite laufen und teilweise das Link-Symbol in die zweite Zeile rutscht.

    Ansonsten großartig – freue mich schon sehr, wenn das alles rund läuft. Welche Erleichterung!

      • Nein, darauf kommt man in der Tat nicht. Ich denke, dass der Hörer die Startzeit erwartet. Die Dauer ist sicherlich auch eine wissenswerte Information, aber nachgeordnet.

        Wenn wir schon dabei sind: Ich fände es hilfreich, wenn der Kapitelmarkentext verlinkt werden könnte, z.B. auf weiterführende Informationen. Warum? Weil bei bei einigen Podcasts durchaus vorkommt, dass Shownotes und Kapitelmarken identisch sind.

        Der Webplayer würde somit alle nötigen Informationen in sich tragen, was ich sehr begrüßen würde.

        Ich werde mal ein cross posting zu dem Thema auf der zugehörigen plug in-Seite bei WordPress machen. Ich gehe zwar davon aus, dass Gerrit hier mitliest, Feedback und Vorschläge sind dort aber sicher ebenso gut aufgehoben.

  3. Hello there. I stumbled onto your plugin and I was hoping that you good folks might be able to help me. I’ve been experimenting with the Podlove Publisher plugin for a new project — in large part because of the segments. While I’ve managed to get the Simple Chapters to work (the right side deeplink definitely works), I can’t get the Play buttons to respond on the left when clicking on them. However, the Play buttons do respond on this page. Do you have any idea if I’m missing some variable that would cause this to happen? Here’s the test page I’m working with:


    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks and all best,


    • Works for me on Safari/Mac. I guess the problem might be related to the fact that you only offer MP3 although the player should fall back to Flash when needed. There have also been issues related to not use rewritten permalinks. In any case, I suggest you file an issue on <https://github.com/eteubert/podlove/issues> as this is not the place for bug reports.

      Thanks for trying out Podlove. We will try to improve it significantly in 2013.

      • Thanks for replying. I have tried it out on Firefox, Opera, and IE, and am having the same issue. I’m wondering why Podlove would trip up over only one file. Wasn’t aware that you had a Github forum. Will try that too.

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