Updated Deep Link Specification

Following the final discussion on last weeks second Podlove Developer Meeting in Berlin, Germany, we have posted version 1.1 of the Podlove Deep Link specification that Podcasts can use to communicate to Podcast Clients that they are ready to accept direct addressing of time points and time ranges for immediate playback of certain areas in a given podcast media file using a web-based player.

We have changed the spec to adopt the syntax proposed in the new¬†Media Fragments URI 1.0¬†(basic)¬†specification as it perfectly fits our goals and we don’t want to invent the wheel twice. This puts this specification much more in line with upcoming web standards and should further the adoption by podcast clients.

The latest version of the Podlove Web Player supports this new addressing scheme and an upcoming version of the Podlove Publisher will add the proper link in all feeds.

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