Deep Linking

It is been a long-standing wish of the podcasting community to provide some means to easily link back to content on the web that consumers engage in on their playback devices. But a lack of standardization meant there was no defined way how to bring together podcast clients and podcast websites in that way.

That’s why we have put together the Podlove Deep Linking specification that explains how to easily extend your podcast feed to direct podcast clients back to the website and allow to automatically cue audio or video material to a certain point in time depending on the users selection.

If you incorporate that link information in your podcast feed, Podlove Deep Linking-enabled podcast clients can take advantage of that information to link back to your website allowing users to link to certain time ranges of your media content.

The first podcast client supporting deep linking is Instacast 2.0.


7 thoughts on “Deep Linking

  1. Wow. Great! So what will be the best practice for end users later? A workaround for wordpress plugins like PowerPress? Or even a podlove wordpress plugin? I hope there will be an easy way to implement podlove deep linking for people without serious coding skills :D

  2. Hi,

    I somehow do Not understand what the use Case for this Feature is.

    Is it for displaying Shownotes with links back to a Bookmark in the Podcast? Or is ist more General?


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