Bitlove is one our associated projects that has just been released online as an alpha version. Bitlove is a web-based service that converts any standard podcast feed to a BitTorrent feed with no extra work for the podcaster apart from adding the feed once to the system.

Everything else is done by Bitlove: files are being torrentified, seeded and tracked by Bitlove. Bitlove publishes a copy of the feed with links to the original files replaced with links to the torrent files to enable subscription with BT-capable clients like Miro or uTorrent.

Bitlove is a free service based on free software written in Erlang by Astro.

5 thoughts on “Bitlove

  1. I want to make a suggestion for the Podlove-project, cause I believe, there is one small but very useful tool missing ’til now: a Shownotes-linklist generator.

    Lemme explain…

    In Blogsoftware, you need to manually write/copy and paste links, click the “add link”-button and fill in by name and url of the entry,etc and need to do it as often as you have links to include in your shownotes…


    Wouldn’t it be cool to have a tool where you have a table with 2 columns, the first for the “name of the note” and the second for the respective url ?
    You copy and paste all the info into it, click a button and voila: it generates a nice txt with the linklist that you can copynpaste in the blog or whereever you have your podcast hosted…and would save a lot of useless clicking or typing time….

    just a suggestion and a chance to automatize this process of shownoting properly….if someone’s taking on the challenge ;)

  2. Vielen Dank für dieses Projekt. Ach was, das ganze Podlove-Universum. Da entstehen gerade echt tolle Puzzleteile für das große Podcast-Bild.

  3. Thanks for all the podcasts, Tim! I have been listening to your productions for quite a while and enjoyed all of them. I now really appreciate your initiative to make podcasting easier – at least for the podcasters’ side, it seems. But how do I get all the stuff presented on bitlove into my iPod? I am a little lost with all the torrents and technical terms. Could you get me, the dumb consumer a little help there? What about a FAQ?
    Keep up your good work, though!

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